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My Pifan 사이트맵
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Original compositions by a cheerful folk trio
that dream of a new world of music and a golden oldies’ medley
A relaxed and lazy music performance with a hint of sentimentality
A one-man band performing original compositions with her voice,
guitar, keyboard, tambourine and a delay machine!
They have the sensitivity to appreciate poems and the intensity to
shout out.
Nabi:mat, expressing their trust in people,
will bring you an easy-to-enjoy acoustic performance
An acoustic pop band composed of a djembe and
guitar brings you everyday life stories
A 100% impromptu live performance by an artist,
his forehead beaded with sweat, working with a huge piece of paper
and a brush dipped in black ink
Every little thing that happens on the streets become a part of
their performance through mimes and music,
reaching out to communicate with the audience
A juggling performance with uplifting music by Mighty Hands
that will take away forced smiles and bring genuine happiness
A cheerful and playful performance that is not mainstream,
but popular all the same
A performance that will touch our hearts like the subtle wind that is
always around us
A performance that will satisfy your eyes and ears with
soft touching melodies to dynamic songs and impressive performances
A powerful performance of rock, pop,
hip hop and other genres changed into Brix’s own style
A lively acoustic band performing polka, swing,
Irish among other genres with acoustic instruments
A drawing show combined with acting, live music and even tap dancing!
Bringing to you the agile, but delicate sounds only string instruments
can make through 4 traditional Korean instruments;
the ajeng, geomungo, kayageum and haegeum
A delightful street performance to lift the burden off modern men
who are exhausted in life
A cheerful busking band that empathizes with the audience
and touches them
An acoustic pop band that performs neofolk music that is
a mixture of folk, rock, country and blues
A duo acoustic band that performs shadow acoustic music
Tap. Young. Performance. Enthusiasm. A tap dancing performance
while playing the guitar and djembe
A one-man band that performs modern style neofolk music
The slim acoustic band that sings about true feelings of love
The stylish pop band that pursues the aesthetics of genres,
coming up with their own style of music as Quentin Tarantino and
Kim Jiun did in movies
A powerful performance that goes beyond boundaries with a modern
reinterpretation of classical music and brings dynamic sounds with
Relaxing music and small talk that bring you the comfort shade
gives you from the rain and sun

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