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  Online Reservation On-site Ticket Booth
How to Cancel or receive Refund Until 20:00 the day before the screening
Log into Official website (www.pifan.com)
Until the ticket booth closing time the day before the screening
(tickets purchased with ticket exchange card or premium invitation cards may not be changed/ cancelled)
Cancel Fee No Fee
1) Partial cancellation or refund not possible. (Must cancel everything first, then repurchase)
2) Purchased tickets may be cancelled the day before, during ticket booth hours. (Return all tickets)
3) If the film is cancelled, there is an error in the film, or a screening problem, 100% of the ticket price will be refunded to those with tickets until the festival closing date.
[Audience members who were not able to cancel or receive a refund may freely exchange tickets at the Ticket Exchange Lot on the day of screening]
Online Ticket Exchange Lot : Open 24 hours through the official website “Ticket Nanum-teo” board
On-site Ticket Exchange Lot: Open 10:00-20:00, on-site “Ticket Nanum-teo” ticket booth
(KOMACON, Primus Sopoong, LOTTE Cinema Bucheon)
1) The 15th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival will adhere to the principle of screening on time.
2) Screenings begin promptly on time. Please arrive the theater at least 10 minutes prior to the screening.
Late entry may not be admitted once the screening starts.
3) Tickets will be sold until 5 minutes before the screening starts.
4) Theater entrance shall strictly follow the film rating system.
(Children 6 or under may not enter, and people under 18 may not enter theaters with rated R movies or other prohibited areas even if they hold tickets)
5) All audiences must have a ticket to enter the theater and watch the film.
6) The ticket may be used only for the time written on it.
7) Entrance tickets will not be re-issued when lost or damaged, so please take care of them.
8) Photography / video recording, and food is not allowed in the theater.

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Sang-Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province, 420-030, Korea Tel. 82-32-327-6313 / Fax. 82-32-322-9629