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PiFan2011 Award 2011.07.22
2 5519
PiFan2011 Award
Puchon Choice Feature - Official Competition
▶ Best of Puchon (15,000,000KRW)
- Prize Winner: Rubber
▶ Best Director (10,000,000KRW)
- Prize Winner: NA Hong Jin (The Yellow Sea)
▶ Best Actor
- Prize Winner: Juno MAK (Revenge: A Love Story)
▶ Best Actress
- Prize Winner: Myanna BURING (Kill List)
▶ Jury's Choice
- Prize Winner: Operation Tatar
▶ NH Nonghyup Citizen's Choice
- Prize Winner: Slapstick Brothers
Puchon Choice Short - Official Competition
▶ Best Short Film(5,000,000KRW)
- Prize Winner: Dead on Time
▶ Jury's Choice for Short Film(3,000,000KRW)
- Prize Winner: The Origin of Creatures
▶ Best Korean Short Film(5,000,000KRW)
- Prize Winner: The Adult's Flesh
▶ Prugio Citizen's Choice for Short Film 
- Prize Winner: The Southern Plains
European Fantastic Film Festival Federation Asian Award
- Prize Winner: Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley
*Special Mention: Rabies
Netpac Award
- Prize Winner: Hospitalite
Fujifilm Eterna Award
- Prize Winner: Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley
PiFan Youth Film Academy Awards
▶ PiFan Festival Director's Award
- Prize Winner: B - Like a Genie
▶ PiFan Youth Film Academy Award
- Prize Winner: H - Misunderstanding
▶ PiFan Chairman's Award
- Prize Winner: D - The Cheater

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