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Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival takes a giant step forward to its new start in 2011.

Bucheon, a city which is seem like hiding something. Once a year every mysterious, fantastical thing is gathering around at PiFan. Unusual things which have been hiding for long time, are starting appear at here and there. Now they are heading to a center of PiFan. And they are changing daily events into fantasy. Bucheon is going to be the most fantastic city.

The poster was just a paper for me at the first time. But when I looked through that, I felt like every character was alive. I wanted to express what I felt. The contrast between modern images and witty characters is maximizing fantasy of PiFan2011. Bucheon is the most special and mysterious place ever.
Dreaming for another revitalized takeoff in 2011, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival presents the animated logo title play symbolizing the spirit of PiFan.
Fragments of delightful imagination vibrantly color the shape of logo capturing the essence of fantastic PiFan building extra excitement for the festival.

PiFan Organizing Committee Office 1F, Comic Business Center, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency(KOMACON), 529-2
Sang-Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province, 420-030, Korea Tel. 82-32-327-6313 / Fax. 82-32-322-9629