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Info 15 nd
Director Robin TODD
Country UK
Release 2011
Running Time 8 Min
Category Short/Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
334 Lotte Cinema 3 0717, 2011  20:00
619 Lotte Cinema 3 0720, 2011  17:00
1010 Lotte Cinema 3 0724, 2011  17:00


Set in a world where love exists as forward momentum, sk8rz carry each other over precarious obstacles until they crash in bitter disagreement. Two sk8rz try to ride away from the damage of their past, but some injuries are too deep, and they must find a new way to be together.


Director : Robin TODD

Born in Denmark in 1974. He has worked in a variety of creative and technical positions. He has worked as director out of Agile Films for 5 years. SK8RZ is his first personal film since leaving film school.

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