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Sky Whale

Info G ke
Director YU Hye Kyung / OH Kyung Ju / LEE Hoon Kye / OH Seok Kyun
Country Korea
Release 2010
Running Time 11 Min
Category Short/Fiction
Code Theater Time
105 CGV Bucheon 3 0715, 2011  11:00
609 Lotte Cinema 3 0720, 2011  14:00


When there was a famine, people used to grab their hands and called the whale for help. The whale flied high across the sky exhaling the water from his back. It soon became the rain and shower the dried earth. However, No one could see giant whale again. However, they were separated many years ago and became to forget each other.


Director : YU Hye Kyung

Director : OH Kyung Ju

Director : LEE Hoon Kye

Director : OH Seok Kyun

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