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Thank You

Info 12 ke
Director MOON Ha Yan
Country Korea
Release 2010
Running Time 23 Min
Category Short/Fiction
Code Theater Time
105 CGV Bucheon 3 0715, 2011  11:00
609 Lotte Cinema 3 0720, 2011  14:00


So-yun works at an adoption agency. She calls up an online store customer service center in order to ask for a refund of the dress she purchased for her daughter. However, her request is promptly rejected. She receives a phone call soon thereafter. It is from a middle-age lady asking So-yun to take back the child she adopted.


Director : MOON Ha Yan

Born in Seoul in 1989, Moon studied film at Sung Kyul University and made several short films. Her works include Happiness is Nearby, Cube, and Job Interviews are a Breeze.

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