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Body for Sale

Info 18 ke
Director KIM Sung Hee
Country Korea
Release 2011
Running Time 18 Min
Category Short/Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
115 CGV Bucheon 3 0715, 2011  14:00
602 CGV Bucheon 3 0720, 2011  11:00


As a gangster who traffics in the parts of dead bodies, Bung-gyu takes secret payments with partner Myung-soo. However that is found out by his boss In-seok, he forces bring Bung-guy"s friends to replace Myung-soo. Bung-gyu involves his friend Young-min and Young-min delivers a dead body for the first time.


Director : KIM Sung Hee

She studied film in Dongkook University. She was in the directing team of movie A Moment to Remember and The Host, and she also worked as an assistant director for the movie Going By The Book.

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