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Info 15 e
Director Jean Christophe CADER
Country France/Sweden
Release 2011
Running Time 20 Min
Category Short/Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
115 CGV Bucheon 3 0715, 2011  14:00
602 CGV Bucheon 3 0720, 2011  11:00


Year 2020 A.D. Europe is mainly colonized by the Chinese regime. During this time, a young girl, Léa, wakes up in a hospital after an eight year coma. She discovers that her entire family, except for her brother, was killed during the colonization of their home town. Determined to find her brother, Léa agrees to join a young rebel group.


Director : Jean Christophe CADER

Born in 1987, France. Recently, He finished working on his last short film Léa, a science fiction about time travel and a possible political take over of the Chinese government.

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