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Invasion of Alien Bikini

Info 15 ke
Director OH Young Doo
Country Korea
Release 2011
Running Time 75 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
128 Primus Sopoooong 8 0715, 2011  17:00
426 Primus Sopoooong 8 0718, 2011  17:00
905 Lotte Cinema 1 0723, 2011  17:00


Young-gun saves a young lady from assailants and brings her into his house. She is an alien which needs sperms to breed and seduces Young-gun to get his sperms. However, Young-gun has taken a vow of chastity to keep his virginity until his marriage. She exhausts every means of gaining his sperms.


Director : OH Young Doo

Born in 1975, he started his film career as a member of director unit in The Man Wagging Tail(1995). He has directed Chrismas Slay 2, The Neighbor Zombie, and Invasion of Alien Bikini. Also The Neighbor Zomibe has won lots of awards from various film festivals.

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