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Neon Flesh

Info 15 ne
Director Paco CABEZAS
Country Spain
Release 2010
Running Time 109 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere Asian Premiere
Code Theater Time
337 Primus Sopoooong 6 0717, 2011  20:00
615 Primus Sopoooong 10 0720, 2011  14:00


Ricky may die tonight. A bullet is speeding inexorably towards his head. Thoughts whirl in his brain, trying to find a reason why this lump of lead is about to put an end to his life. A story which includes couples of gangsters, the Mafia, a transexual, and the opening of his own brothel.


Director : Paco CABEZAS

Born in Seville, in 1976, for years he lived off of Scorsese, Raimi and Álex de la Iglesia"s cinema and later left the video store to write the screenplays for Sexykiller (08) and Spanish Movie (09) and debut in direction with the no less success The Appeared (07), that he presented in Sitges the same year. After accumulating awards with his short film Neon Flesh, he now presents its feature-length version.

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