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Don"t Look Up

Info 15 ne
Director NAKATA Hideo
Country Japan
Release 1996
Running Time 75 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Code Theater Time
422 Lotte Cinema 3 0718, 2011  17:00


Strange reel of a film that has the blurry image of a woman can be seen behind the female lead is found at the set of movie. Afterwards, strange things begin to occur and one of the actresses even falls to her death in the middle of a shoot. Soon, the director learns from an article that the woman of the film fell to her death in the same studio 20 years ago.


Director : NAKATA Hideo

Born in 1961, he was the one created a genre called "J Horror” meaning Japanese Horror. He has directed The Ring Two(1999)-the Hollywood version, Chaos(2000), Sadistic and Masochistic(2001), Last Scene(2002), Kaidan(2007), L change the World(2008). His recent British movie titled Chat room was played in the 63rd Festival de Cannes.

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