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The Toxic Avenger

Info 18 e
Director Lloyd KAUFMAN
Country USA
Release 1985
Running Time 87 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Code Theater Time
213 Lotte Cinema 2 0716, 2011  14:00
411 Lotte Cinema 2 0718, 2011  14:00


Melvin is everyone at the club mocks him because of his dull look and stammering. One day Melvin is cast from the third-floor into a vat of hazardous toxic waste and an unexpected metamorphosis takes place. As the chemicals take hold of his body, he turns into the Toxic Avenger, doer of good and brutal mauler of evil.


Director : Lloyd KAUFMAN

Lloyd KAUFMAN represents one of the ‘B-movie" filmmakers and producers. One of his main projects Toxic Avenger pictured characters who are excluded due to their disability and disorder, and melted all the various genres including action, comedy, sexuality and hardgore.

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