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Quit Your Life

Info 18 ke
Director PARK Nou Sik
Country Korea
Release 1971
Running Time 96 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Code Theater Time
415 Primus Sopoooong 6 0718, 2011  14:00
603 Primus Sopoooong 6 0720, 2011  11:00


Chairman Shin’s son Seong-joo dies on his honeymoon. The suspects are a middle aged woman and a man wearing sunglasses. However, investigation shows the woman is Seong-joo’s biological mother, and she suicides. The sunglass man actually threatens Chairman Shin.


Director : PARK Nou Sik

He debuted in director Lee Gang-cheong’s Gyeong-tae in 1956 and started receiving recognition as an action star through Five Marines. He starred in Hill with Zelcova, Do not ask the Past, Bloody Competition, Dial 112, Cain’s Descendants etc- a total of 90 movies, and took his position as an action star. In 1970s he became a director himself and filmed Quit your Life, Me, Suspended Sentence, Why?, Life, No Violence, A Mad Woman, Evil men Get on the Train to Hell etc. Other than There is no Violence, he starred as the main character, and created dynamic action films.

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