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Red Peony: Gambler"s Obligation

Info 15 ne
Director SUZUKI Noribumi
Country Japan
Release 1968
Running Time 95 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
206 Primus Sopoooong 6 0716, 2011  11:00
425 Primus Sopoooong 6 0718, 2011  17:00


Oryu, while wandering around the country, stays with the DOGASAKI family of Joshu. The people of Joshu are suffering under the tyranny of a loan shark name Kuromachi and they start a revolt. The DOGASAKI family and their stewards, the KASAMATSU family, try to resolve the situation. However, the KASAMATSUs have actually been joining hands with Kuromachi in a business deal behind DOGASAKI’s back. DOGASAKI finds out about this and angered by KASAMATSU’s plot to extort the people, attack the household. The attack fails and the DOGASAKI  family is destroyed by the KASAMATSU clan. DOGASAKI ’s son-in-law Yukichi, Oryu and wanderer yakuza Shutaro avenges the DOGASAKIs’ decline.


Director : SUZUKI Noribumi

Suzuki Noribumi is a Japanese film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his works for studio Toei especially the Red Peony Gambler and Truck Yarō series. Suzuki was born in 1933. He dropped out of Ritsumeikan University"s Department of Economics, and subsequently joined Toei"s Kyoto Studio as an assistant director, learning his craft under Masahiro Makino, Tai Kato and Tomu Uchida. He made his screenwriting debut with Zoku: Tenamonya Sandogasa, and his directorial debut in 1965 with Osaka Dokonjō Monogatari: Doerai Yatsu. At the 1985 Yokohama Film Festival, he was awarded a special prize for his career. Suzuki"s last film to date was Binbari High School, released in 1990.

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