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Sympathy for Us

Info 15 ke
Director CHOI Young Seok
Country Korea
Release 2011
Running Time 80 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
219 Primus Sopoooong 9 0716, 2011  14:00
427 Primus Sopoooong 9 0718, 2011  17:00


Juan, Yoda and Duk-jeong, who are all 29-year-old have a concert at a gamjatang restaurant to have a surgical remoral for Ydoa"s mongolian spot on face. But the show was screwed up, and Yoda decides to get a job at a deep-sea fishing vessel. So three friends, and Moran and Seryu, who are karaoke girls, all head to Gunsan to see Yoda off.


Director : CHOI Young Seok

Born in 1982, he graduated from Dankook University’s School of Performance & Film in 2007. He also graduated from 25th Class of Korean Academy of Film Arts, majoring in production. He has directed The Firefly Bules, which was featured at 11th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, and his another work Let the Wind Blow, was in 14th  Independent Film & Video Makers’ Forum.

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