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Director YAMAGUCHI Yudai
Country Japan
Release 2011
Running Time 99 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
520 Lotte Cinema 1 0719, 2011  17:00
621 CGV Bucheon 3 0720, 2011  17:00


After accidentally causing the death of his father with a super-powered, deadly fire ball pitch , Jubeh swore off baseball and became a criminal and now, at 17, has been sent to the Pterodactyl Juvenile Reformatory for hardened criminals. After arriving at the hell hole, Jubeh soon learns from governor Mifune that his long-lost, younger brother Musashi had also done time there after a murder spree, but had since died mysteriously.


Director : YAMAGUCHI Yudai

Yudai Yamaguchi was born in 1971,and attended the Japan Academy of Moving Images, winning a number of awards at international film festivals after graduation. His main projects are Battle Field Baseball, Metaball Machine, Tamami : The Baby"s Curse and Elite Yankee Saburo.
Co-directed by Yudai Yamaguchi and Tak Sakaguchi, who between them have created crazy, action-filled comedies like BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL, CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL and BE A MAN !

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