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The Piano In a Factory

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Director ZHANG Meng
Country China
Release 2011
Running Time 105 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
304 CGV Bucheon 1 0717, 2011  11:00
617 Lotte Cinema 1 0720, 2011  17:00
1007 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 0724, 2011  14:00


Chen Guilin is an accordionist who runs a small band with other unemployed friends  After going off with a wealthy manufacturer Chen"s wife returns and asks him for a divorce — which he agrees to — plus custody of their young daughter Xiao Yuan— which he doesn"t. Xiao Yuan says she"ll stay with whomever provides her with a piano, so Chen tries borrowing money from friends and relatives, all without success. He then decides there"s only one solution: to make one. 


Director : ZHANG Meng

Born in China in 1975, Zhang Meng graduated from China Central Academy of Drama. As a director at Chang Chun Film Studio, he has worked in film and television screen-writing and directing for years. In 2007, he made his directorial debut with the feature Lucky Dog which earned him the Asian New Talent Award.

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